Which is a point mutation and not a frameshift mutation

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Which is a point mutation and not a frameshift mutation?



Silent mutation is a point mutation and not a frame-shift mutation.


  • Mutation is a change in the nucleotide sequence of a DNA caused by a mistake in DNA replication or by a mutagen.

  • A point mutation is a type of mutation that affects or involves only one nucleotide base in the sequence.

  • A frame-shift mutation is that change in the nucleotide sequence of DNA which affects the frame-shift of the nucleotides.

  • Frame-shift mutation occurs when a nucleotide is added (insertion mutation) or removed (deletion mutation).

  • Silent mutation occurs when the change in nucleotide sequence does not alter the protein produced by that gene. Silent mutation is a form of point mutation.

  • Therefore, silent mutation is a point mutation and not a frame-shift mutation

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