What are the three countries that make up north america

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7. Name the three countries that make up North America and describe their relationship in terms of geography, immigration, trade and any other pertinent information you learned in this course. Write at least 150 words and include as much detail as you can.


The three countries that make up North America are Canada, The United States of America, and Mexico. Mexico is the most southern country on the continent, United States is in the Middle, and Canada is On the top. North America is located in the Western Hemisphere. The trade relationship United states of America and Canada is the second largest trade relationship behind the Unites States of America and China. Mexico is the third largest trading partner with the United States of America behind the United States of America and Mexico, trading both imports and exports. Many people living in the Southern United States of America are immigrants from Mexico. Canadian immigrants make up about ten percent of the total United States of America foreign born population in the United States of America. The total population as of 2017 is 362,492,702 people. The school enrollment percentage is 101.367%. The life expectancy of an average person is 79.055 years old. The GNI per capita, Atlas Method is 56,721.935. The GDP is 21.05 trillion US dollars.

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