When driving at night you should dim your headlights when

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When approaching another vehicle from the rear at night, you must dim your high beam headlights when you are within choose an answer:

a. 100 feet of the other vehicle.
b. 200 feet of the other vehicle.
c. 300 feet of the other vehicle.?


Answer :

The correct answer is option B.

When approaching the other vehicle from the rear at night, one must dim the high beam headlights within 200 feet of the other vehicle.

Explanation :

The high beam headlights should be used safely as it can eliminate the road from 350 to 400 feet ahead. Thus with high beam headlights, the driver must beam the headlight on the other vehicle at safe distance of 200 feet or more.

Further Explanation:

The proper usage of headlight is necessary to ensure the safety on the road while driving in the night. It is necessary to ensure that the drivers with the high beam headlights on their vehicle maintains this distance in order to avoid the possibility of other driver getting blind and loose his/her control of driving on road.

Although the vehicle laws are different for every different state in United States, the headlight laws for the high beaming headlights is same in almost every state. It requires the driver to maintain the distance of 200 ft to dim the light while following the other vehicle on road. Further, in the cases when the driver is approaching the traffic with the high beam lights, the lights must be dimmed within the range of 500 feet while approaching the traffic.

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(Answered by Smarazazaidi )

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