List four sources you can use to locate job leads.

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List four sources you can use to locate job leads.


1) Social Network (online like
2) Employment agencies
3) Job Fairs
4) Unemployment office

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Answer:Perpendicular lines.Step-by-step explanation:They are called perpendicular lines.If the slope of one line is m them the slope of the other is -1/m.

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The answer should be C: strengthen the colonies against the French

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The profit genereted by the sales of gold label and black label combined is the sum of the profits generated by the sales of gold …

Which type of cell contains dna enclosed in a nucleus

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Membrane proteins that extend into the lipid bilayer are called

Answer:Membrane proteins that penetrate deeply into the lipid bilayer and can possibly extend from one surface to the other are called _Integral_ proteins whereas other …

Booker t washington and w.e.b. dubois compare and contrast worksheet

Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois are two well-known thinkers who were very influential during the Reconstruction period. These two characters debated on the best …

Why did king solomon built a great temple in jerusalem

King Solomon built a great temple in Jerusalem to glorify God

Which of the following is included in the nuremberg code

Answer: The Nuremberg code, is the code introduced in august 1947, after Nuremberg trials, it attempted to give clear rules about what was legal and …

Identify the bonds in each molecule as polar or nonpolar

Answer : The molecule is a polar molecule.Explanation :Polar molecule : When the arrangement of the molecule is asymmetrical then the molecule is polar.Non-polar molecule …

What is the most abundant element in the known universe

The two most abundant elements in the universe are HYDROGEN AND HELIUM. Hydrogen is the most abundant element followed by helium. Hydrogen is the lightest …

What is the benefit of using controls in an experiment

You can change the controls to see the different outcomes and watch to find out how each control changes the affect of a experiment

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The comment on the post is correct. The United Nations

Which of the following is not true about polar bears

After doing an investigation of polar bears. The statement from the options presented below the one that is NOT TRUE is that all polar bears …

Biofeedback advocates say their treatment can help relieve tension headaches

Answer: TrueExplanation:Biofeedback (or biological feedback) is one of the behavioral medicine techniques proven to reduce headaches and improve the quality of functioning. When employed regularly …

What role did john marshall serve in the new government

C. Chief Justice is the correct answer. Just had this on my exam. Hope this helps.