How many grams of magnesium sulfate are dissolved in 0.965

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How many grams of magnesium
sulfate (MgSO4) are dissolved in
0.965 L of a 0.0575 M solution?



6.68 g MgSO₄

General Formulas and Concepts:



Order of Operations: BPEMDAS

  1. Brackets
  2. Parenthesis
  3. Exponents
  4. Multiplication
  5. Division
  6. Addition
  7. Subtraction
  • Left to Right


Aqueous Solutions

  • Molarity = moles of solute / liters of solution

Atomic Structure

  • Reading a Periodic Table
  • Using Dimensional Analysis


Step 1: Define

0.965 L

0.0575 M

Step 2: Identify Conversions

Molar Mass of Mg - 24.31 g/mol

Molar Mass of S - 32.07 g/mol

Molar Mass of O - 16.00 g/mol

Molar Mass of MgSO₄ - 24.31 + 32.07 + 4(16.00) = 120.38 g/mol

Step 3: Find MgSO₄

  1. Substitute [M]:                     0.0575 M = x / 0.965 L
  2. Isolate x:                              0.055488 mol MgSO₄ = x
  3. Rewrite:                               x = 0.055488 mol MgSO₄

Step 4: Convert

\displaystyle 0.055488 \ mol \ MgSO_4(\frac{120.38 \ g \ MgSO_4}{1 \ mol \ MgSO_4} ) = 6.67959 g MgSO₄

Step 5: Check

We are given 3 sig figs as our lowest. Follow sig fig rules and round.

6.67959 g MgSO₄ ≈ 6.68 g MgSO₄

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