If a victim is having a seizure in the water

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If a victim is having a seizure in the water:

a. Immediately remove the victim to shallow water until the seizure ends, if the victim is in deep water
b. Support the victim with his or her head above water until the seizure ends.
c. Immediately get him or her out of the water.
d. Secure the victim onto a backboard.



Option: b. Support the victim with his or her head above water until the seizure ends.


If a victim is having a seizure in the water (bath, swimming pool), it is necessary to take immediate action to save his life at that moment. A seizure in water is a life-threatening situation. We must keep the victim's head above the surface of the water, which would help him/ her in breathing. After the seizure ceases removing the person from the water is the second step and call a doctor for a check-up for lung and heart damage.   

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