What is time and a half for $18 an hour

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A carpenter earns $18 an hour for a regular work week (40) hours. He earns time and a half for overtime. The weekly wage function is


Regular time:

         wage: $18/hour * 40 hours = $720

Over time:
        1.5 * $18/hour * number of hours over 40

        number of hours over 40 = x - 40

        wage = 1.5 * 18 * (x - 40) = 27(x - 40) for x ≥ 40

Total wage:

        wage = $ 720 + 27 ( x - 40) ; x ≥ 40

        wage = $720 + 27x - $27*40 = 27x + 720 - 1080 = 27x - 360

Answer: 27x - 360; x ≥ 40

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