An independent judicial branch makes a society more democratic because

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An independent judicial branch makes a society more democratic because A. it interprets laws that are unclear. B. it protects the rights of individuals. C. it enforces laws related to elections. D. it deters citizens from breaking the law.


Answer: option (B).

Explanation:An independent judicial branch makes a society more democratic because it’s protect the right of individuals. The judiciary is known to be the last hope of the masses. Independent judiciary serves as a safeguard for the rights and privileges provided by a limited constitution and prevents the executive and the legislature encroachment upon those rights. It is important that the judiciary is free because it guarantees that judges are free to decide honestly and impartially in accordance with the law and evidence without concern or fear of interference and improper influence from anyone, furthermore it is important for the judiciary to be independent because those who appear before the judges and the wider public can have confidence that their cases will be decided fairly and in accordance with the law.

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