Why are bacteria a necessary part of the nitrogen cycle

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Why are bacteria a necessary part of the nitrogen cycle


A small microscopic organism with one cell are called bacteria, they are essential for the ecosystem as they play a major role in the biochemical process.

Bacteria are a necessary part of the nitrogen cycle as other living organisms cannot directly use atmospheric nitrogen.

What is the role of bacteria in the nitrogen cycle?

The cyclic process and the movement of the organic and inorganic nitrogen molecules through the various spheres of the earth are called the nitrogen cycle.

Bacteria are an essential part of the nitrogen cycle as they fix the atmospheric nitrogen for use by plants. Plants cannot directly utilize atmospheric nitrogen gas and require certain factors or molecules to convert them into useful elements that can be used.

The anaerobic and facultative bacteria fix the atmospheric gas into the various compounds in the soil. Certain bacteria convert the nitrogen into nitrates, ammonia, and nitrites so that the plants can use them for the processes.

Therefore, bacteria fix the atmospheric nitrogen gas.

Learn more about nitrogen-fixing bacteria here:


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