A clean-catch is when you do which of the following

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4. A “clean-catch” is when you do which of the following:

A.) Catch the specimen before urination
B.) After the specimen is collected cover it
C.) Wipe the resident from back to front then obtain the specimen
D.) After the resident has urinated a little, catch the specimen in a clean container


A “clean-catch” is when after the resident has urinated a little, you catch the specimen in a clean container. That is option D.

Specimen collection

One of the clinical specimen that is used for the diagnosis of diseases is the urine specimen.

The best way to collect urine specimen is through the clean-catch method.

This is because the method prevents microorganisms from getting into the urine sample.

To carry out this procedure, some amount of urine is allowed to flow out first, then a container is then used to catch the midstream urine specimen.

Learn more about urinalysis here:


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