What do the angles of a triangle add up to

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Two angles of a triangle add up to 65°. What is the measure of the third angle? 115° 295° 25° 55°​


The third angle will measure 115° so option (A) will be correct.

What is a triangle?

The three-sided shape known as a triangle is sometimes used to allude to it. Every triangle has three sides and three angles, some of which might be the same.

The sum of all three angles inside a triangle will be 180° and the area of a triangle is given as (1/2) × base × height.

Sum of all three internal angles of the triangle = 180°

Sum of two angles + third angle = 180°

Given that,

Two angles of a triangle add up to 65° so

65° + third angle = 180°

Third angle = 180 - 65°

Third angle = 112°

Hence the third angle will be 112° measure.

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