To ensure high-quality cpr and high-quality chest compressions you should

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Which of the following is an important factor to ensure that the best-quality CPR is being

A. Interruption of compressions can be up to 30 seconds
B. Full recoil of the chest should occur with each compression.
C. Push at a moderate rate with a depth of no more than 1 inch.
D. Switch doing compressions only when absolutely necessary.


Full recoil of the chest should occur with each compression  an important factor to ensure that the best-quality CPR is being performed.

How is the CPR performed?

  • Compressions are the most crucial CPR procedure. The main factor affecting survival after cardiac arrest is effective CPR.
  • In order to save more lives, medical professionals must be skilled at performing high-quality CPR, and patient care teams must be organized and capable of cooperating efficiently.

Among the top CPR performance indicators are:

  • >80% for chest compression fraction
  • 100–120 compression cycles per minute
  • At least 50 mm (2 inches) of compression depth in adults, and at least one-third of the chest's AP dimension in newborns and young children
  • not too much ventilation

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