What was the impact of the griswold v connecticut ruling

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What was the impact of the Griswold v. Connecticut ruling?

a.Couples were required to keep marriage vows private.
b.Couples were allowed to keep their marriage decisions private.
c.Couples were expected to obey state law regarding marriage.
d.Couples were encouraged to regard their marriage as sacred.


The correct answer is B. Couples were allowed to keep their marriage decisions private.


Griswold v. Connecticut was a case in 1965. This legal case emerged as in Connecticut a law stopped individuals from using any drug including contraception that should be decided by couples. Due to this Estelle Griswold, the head of a planning parenthood program was unfairly arrested. However, after revising this case, the Court decided Connecticut law was unconstitutional and marital privacy, as well as contraception, should be allowed. Thus, the impact of this case was that "couples were allowed to keep their marriage decisions private".

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