How is an excise tax different from a sales tax

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How is an excise tax different from a sales tax?

A). An excise tax is not deductible.
B). An excise tax applies to specific products.
C). An excise tax applies only to imported goods.
D). An excise tax is an indirect tax.


The difference between excise tax and sales tax is that an excise tax applies to specific products.

So, option B). is correct.

Excise tax and sales tax

Sales tax is applied to practically everything you buy, whereas excise tax is only applied to certain goods and services. Excise duty is charged on the manufacture of goods, whereas sales tax is levied on the selling of commodities.

One distinction between sales and excise taxes is that sales taxes are computed as a percentage of the purchase price, whereas excise taxes are assessed per unit. The difference between excise tax and sales tax is that an excise tax applies to specific products.

So, option B). is correct.

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