A broken yellow line alongside a solid yellow line means

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If there are two yellow lines dividing lanes of traffic, and the line closest to your lane is broken, _________________________________.


If there are two yellow lines dividing lanes of traffic, and the line closest to your lane is broken, you may cross over it to pass vehicles ahead, if it is safe to do so.

Dividing splitting is driving a bicycle or motorbike between lanes or rows of sluggish shifting or stopped visitors transferring within the same direction. It's miles now and again referred to as white lining or stripe-riding. This permits riders to save time, bypassing traffic congestion, and can also be safer than stopping at the back of stationary motors.

Nowadays, California stays the best U.S. country to allow lane splitting (the exercise is legal in Europe and Asia), and researchers and motorcycle experts say that lane splitting can without a doubt reduce site visitors and improve roadway safety.

Dividing splitting riders have been appreciably much less probably to be rear-ended than other non-lane-splitting riders.” Because a rear-quit coincidence may want to critically injure or kill a motorcyclist, lane splitting can be a safer practice for motorcyclists stuck in traffic.

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