According to the law of supply price and quantity move

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According to the law of supply, price and quantity move


According to the law of supply, price and quantity move along a track in the same direction.

Further Explanation


  • Supply is the quantity of goods or services that suppliers are willing to supply to the market at a particular price.  
  • Producers and suppliers will supply goods and services at the most favorable market price that id determined by the forces of demand and supply among other factors.

Law of supply

  • According to the law of supply, an increase in price of a good or a service results to an increase in the quantity of goods or services that suppliers are willing to supply.
  • Conversely, a decrease in price on the other hand will result to low supply of quantity of goods and services by the suppliers.
  • For example, a manufacturer would supply more bags of cement in the market if the prices of the bags of cement increases keeping other factors are kept constant.

Supply schedule

  • Supply schedule outlines the relationship between prices of goods and services and the Quantity of goods and services by producers.
  • Quantity of goods and services supplied by the producers varies with the market price.
  • The supply schedule helps us to come up with a law that we call the law of supply which defined the relationship between price and quantity of goods and services supplied.

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