How to find the z score on a ti 84

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Use the TI-84 calculator to find the Z-scores that bound the middle 88% of the area under the standard normal curve. Enter the answers in ascending order and

round to two decimal places.
The Z-scores for the given area are



-1.55 to 1.55

Step-by-step explanation:

The Zscore which bound the middle 88% of the area under the standard normal curve ;

88% = 88/100 = 0.88

The middle 88% ; dividing into two tails ;

(1 - 0.88) / 2

= 0.12 / 2

= ± 0.06

= - 0.06 to the left AND 0.06 to the right

Using the TI-84 calculator ;

invNorm(Area, mean, sigma)

Area = 0.06

Mean and sigma = 0 and 1 respectively (standard distribution (mean =0 ; standard deviation = 1))


invNorm(0.06, 0, 1) = - 1.5547

Since both tails are symmetrical ;

Left tail = - 1.55

Right tail = 1.55

-1.55 to 1.55

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