The function of the root hair plexus is to ________.

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The function of the root hair plexus is to ________. The function of the root hair plexus is to ________. serve as a source for new epidermal cells for hair growth after the resting stage has passed bind the hair root to the dermis allow the hair to assist in touch sensation cause apocrine gland secretion into the hair follicle


The function of the root hair plexus is to allow the hair to assist in touch sensation. Thus, the correct option is C.

What is Root hair plexus?

Root hair plexus may be expressed as a remarkable class of nerve fiber endings and functions as a very sensitive mechanoreceptor for touch sensation.

The root hair plexus surrounds the hair follicle which belongs to the rapidly adapting group of mechanoreceptors. Due to this property, they allow the root hair plexus to assist in touch sensation.

Therefore, the correct option for this question is C.

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