Which of the following foods does not support bacterial growth

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Which of the following foods does not support bacteria growth? Refried beans raw carrots sauteed onions cooked rice



Raw carrots


Raw carrots have more shelf life than cooked food as it does not support bacterial growth. There are many reasons behind this fact. Temperature, moisture content and nutrient value is different in raw carrot and other processed foods.

Raw carrots are not suitable for the growth of bacteria. The growth of the microorganism requires moisture, optimum temperature and many more factors for its growth which is not offered by raw fruits and vegetables.

Further explanation:  

The food that we eat should be free from the bacteria. If bacteria enters the body it causes infection in the body of the individual. Cooked food has high moisture content and the temperature at which it is kept is also suitable for the growth of the microorganism.

The growth of the bacterial cell is very much prone to the nutrient content of the food. The cooked food provides it suitable environment for its growth.

Whereas, the raw carrot is not cooked and does not allow the growth of bacteria on it. It has high content of vitamin C in it which also prevents it from further infection by bacteria.

Other food materials such as fried beans, cooked rice and fried onions are more prone to food spoilage due to bacterial growth.

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