The final electron acceptor of the etc is ____________ .

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Which is the final electron acceptor in the electron transport system of cellular respiration


Oxygen is the final electron acceptor in the case of aerobic respiration. In anaerobic respiration, the final electron acceptor depends on the type of anaerobic respiration. In the case of sulfate respiration, sulfate acts as an electron acceptor.

Further Explanation:

Cellular respiration is a metabolic reaction that occurs inside the cell. Through this process, many organisms produce energy in their bodies. In this process, glucose breakdowns and produce energy in the form of ATP. Energy is essential for the body to perform many activities. Cellular respiration is divided into two categories based on oxygen availability. So, the types are:

Aerobic respiration

Anaerobic respiration

Aerobic respiration occurs when the body has enough oxygen and anaerobic respiration occur in the absence of oxygen. The initial step of any respiration is glycolysis and final steps depend upon the availability of oxygen. In aerobic respiration, mainly three reactions occur first is glycolysis, Krebs cycle and the last step is electron transport chain. So, in the aerobic respiration, oxygen is the last electron acceptor. In anaerobic respiration, oxygen is not the last electron acceptor; besides this, it depends on the type anaerobic reaction such as in sulfate respiration, the last electron acceptor is sulfate.

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