What is an example of a biological hazard in food

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What is an example of a biological hazard?

toxic mushroom
O insulation


Biological hazard is also referred to as biohazard, which is capable of posing threat to the health of living organisms.

An example of biohazard is the toxic mushrooms.

The biohazards can be explained as:

  • Norovirus is an infectious agent that causes gastroenteritis. It is caused by contaminated food. However, the link between Nov and contaminated food is still unknown. Viruses require a host for replication.

  • Chlorine is not a hazardous substance and is used as a cleaning agent in many solvents. However, direct exposure to chlorine can result in breathing problems and eye irritation.

  • Toxic mushroom is a biohazard and can affect the health of humans and animals. Humans can suffer from acute fatal liver necrosis. A higher level of consumption of toxic mushrooms can cause death for the organism.

Thus, the correct answer is Option C.

To know more about biohazards, refer to the following link:


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