How is an explicit memory different from an implicit memory

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How is an explicit memory different from an implicit memory?

a. explicit memories are memories we unconsciously remember, while implicit memories are those that we consciously remember.
b. explicit memories are memories we consciously try to remember and recall, while implicit memories are those that are not part of our consciousness.
c. implicit memories are memories we consciously try to remember and recall, while explicit memories are those that are not part of our consciousness.
d. explicit memories are memories we have directly experienced, while implicit memories are memories that someone else directly experienced?




The answer would be option B. The difference between explicit and implicit memories is that explicit memories are memories we consciously try to remember and recall, while implicit memories are those that are not part of our consciousness.


To know the answer we just need to know the definition of explicit and implicit memories.

Explicit memory is a memory that can be intentionally and consciously recalled. On the other hand, implicit memories cannot be consciously recalled  as they are a form of experiential or functional form of memory.

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