What is the difference between marginal cost and marginal revenue

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What is the difference between marginal cost and marginal revenue? Marginal cost is the money earned from selling one more unit of a good. Marginal revenue is the money paid for producing one more unit of a good. Marginal cost is the money paid for producing one more unit of a good. Marginal revenue is the money earned from selling one more unit of a good. Marginal cost is the money a producer might make from one more unit. Marginal revenue is the money a producer actually makes from one more unit. Marginal cost is the money a producer actually makes from one more unit. Marginal revenue is the money a producer might make from one more unit


The difference between marginal cost and marginal revenue is Marginal cost is the money paid for producing one more unit of a good. Marginal revenue is the money earned from selling one more unit of a good. Thus the correct answer is B.

What is  marginal cost?

The difference in total production costs caused by producing or manufacturing one extra unit is known as the marginal cost of production.

In order to maximize production and overall operations, an organization must first decide when it can achieve economies of scale.

The sum of money spent to create one additional unit of a good is its marginal cost. Selling one additional unit of a good results in a profit known as marginal revenue.

Therefore, option B is the appropriate answer.

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