Which is defined using the undefined terms point and line

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Which is defined using the undefined terms point and line?

A) angle
B) circle
C) parallel lines
D) ray


The object which is defined using undefined terms of points and lines is option D)

D) Ray

Reason for electing the above option is as follows;

Undefined terms are terms that are not required to be given formal definition in them selves and they include the terms set, plane, line, and point

A point is a dimensionless marker of position and it is indicated in geometry by a capital letter. In geometry, a point is the most elementary entity

A line is an infinitely long and straight geometric object that is defined and named by any two points located on it

A ray is a subset of a line that extends long straight infinitely in one direction, and has a starting point

Therefore, the geometrical object defined by a point and a line is a ray and the correct option is option D)

Learn more about definition of geometric objects here;




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