How should raw animal proteins be stacked prior to cooking

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How should raw animal proteins be stacked prior to

based on first in-first out principles
according to freshness
in a separate cooler from all cooked foods
O by order of internal cooking temperatures


Raw animal proteins should be stacked before cooking by order of internal cooking temperatures

The internal cooking temperature is an indicator to know the ideal temperature at which an animal protein is completely cooked. Once the protein is cooked, it is safe to consume because all the bacteria it contains are eliminated by cooking.

Therefore, before cooking the proteins it is necessary to stack them in order of internal cooking temperature, putting those with the highest cooking temperature at the bottom and follow the order up.

This order must be followed because if the blood or other substances that come out of the proteins contaminate those that are underneath by action of gravity, once these are cooked they will be able to eliminate the bacteria from which it was contaminated. After all, they have a lower cooking temperature.

According to the above, the correct answer is option D. because it mentions the correct way to store proteins of animal origin.

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