Match the use of gdp data to the appropriate situation.

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Match the use of GDP data to the appropriate situation.

measuring long-term economic growth measuring business cycles measuring living standards
1. Lupe examines the real per capita GDP of seven nations to determine which country might have the wealthiest citizens.
2. Brad looks at real per capita GDP to determine what impact the recent recession has had on economic activity.
3. Leia examines real per capita GDP over a ten-year period to determine whether the economy of a particular country is in decline or on the rise.
O measuring long-term economic growth
O measuring business cycles
O measuring living standards



1. Lupe examines the real per capital GDP of seven nations to determine which country might have the wealthiest citizens.   --  measuring living standards

2. Brad looks at real per capital GDP to determine what impact the recent recession has had on economic activity.  --  measuring business cycles

3. Leia examines real per capital GDP over a ten-year period to determine whether the economy of a particular country is in decline or on the rise.  --  measuring long-term economic growth


  • The GDP is a seven nations of a country that is used to determines the which country might have the wealthiest citizenship and is a standard of measuring the living if nations economy.
  • The GDP that will be impacted by the recent recession pf the economic activity can be measure by the business cycles.
  • And the GDP that is taken over a period of 10 years o determine to weather the economy of a country will rise or decline uses a long term economic model.

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