5. summarize cascas explanation of why caesar looked so sad.

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Read the excerpt below from act 1.2 of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar and complete the instruction that follows.

Why, there was a crown offered him; and being
offered him, he put it by with the back of his hand,
thus; and then the people fell a-shouting.
Paraphrase the above section of the text.


What the section above basically says is: They offered him a crown, but he pushed it away with his hand, and then his people started shouting. These lines are from Julius Caesar, a tragedy written by Shakespeare. It retells the historical events of Julius Caesar's life, politics, and ultimately his death, having been betrayed and murdered by one of his closest friends, Brutus. Casca, who says these words, is one of the people who actually killed Caesar. hope this helped =)

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