Which practice reduces the risk of a dangerous boating emergency

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Which practice reduces the risk of a boating emergency? maintaining a safe speed based on other boat traffic operating quickly around potential hazards standing on when navigating in crowded areas keeping life jackets stored safely in compartments


Maintaining a safe speed reduces the risk of a boating emergency.  

Further explanation:

Major boating emergencies:

There are many boating emergencies. Some of them are given below .


Sometimes a boat collides with any surface or a floating object. A boater should be very serious in his role. He should take precautions to prevent the collision of his boat with the other boat or a floating object because it may lead to serious accidents and often to fatality.  

Fire aboard:

Fire should be prevented in all environments especially on water surface because it causes fatal effects. Fire, fuel and heat are the main sources which give rise to fire. So we should be very careful in our dealings with the fuel.  

Capsizing and falling overboard:

Every passenger should sit on proper place. Don’t sit on such places which are not built to sit because it can cause the boating emergency which can lead to fatality.  

Poisoning of CO:

Sometimes CO poisoning occurs which can cause boating emergency. As whenever the fuel is burnt CO is produced it is known as the silent killer. It kills most of the persons.  

Factors which can reduce boating emergency:

We can prevent the boating emergencies by taking preventive measures.  

  1. Boater should follow the navigational rules.
  2. Boater should always maintain a safe speed especially when there is heavy traffic or when it is dark.
  3. Boater should install CO detector in his boat.  
  4. Every passenger should wear life jacket.  
  5. We should avoid boating in bad weather.  

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Subject: Health

Level: Middle school  


  • Major boating emergencies
  • Collision
  • Fire aboard
  • Capsizing and falling overboard
  • Poisoning of CO
  • Factors which can reduce boating emergency

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