What is the difference between a theory and a law

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Explain the difference between a theory and a law.



The law is the mathematical explanation of a natural phenomenon while a theory can be the best possible explanation of a natural phenomenon.


The law is:

  • The mathematical explanation of a natural phenomenon.
  • Law is accepted by all scientists.
  • Law is a certain truth and never replaced.
  • Example: Law of motion, Law of independent assortment.  

The theory is:

  • The best possible explanation of a natural phenomenon.
  • There can be many theories for the same phenomenon.
  • Theory can be replaced with a better one.
  • Example: Theory of relativity, Germ theory of disease.

On the basis of the above explanation, we can conclude that the law is the mathematical explanation of a natural phenomenon while a theory can be the best possible explanation of a natural phenomenon.

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