An area with long cold winters and short cool summers

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A terrestrial biome has long, cold winters and short, cool summers. The precipitation is low, and the ground remains frozen for most of the year. Plants such as lichens and mosses that can withstand dry and cold conditions are found in this biome.

Which biome is characterized by these factors?
coniferous forest
tropical rainforest
ANSWER: tundra


Tundra biome is the terrestrial biome which is characterized by long, cold

winters and short, cool summers.

The tundra biome is found in the polar desert regions where there are long

periods of winter. There is very little precipitation which is usually in the

form of snow.

This biome contains less nutrients and doesn't support much plant or animal

life. Plants such as lichens and mosses which are able to withstand dry and

cold conditions are found in this biome.


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