Straight-in spaces can leave you a safer out if ____.

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Straight-in spaces can leave you a safer out if ____.

A. you're able to pull through facing out B. you're able to park farther away from the building C. you're able to reverse out of the parking spot D. they are located in a parking garage


As per straight in approach, it can leave you a safer out if you are able to pull through facing out.

What is straight in approach?

It is a standard option for parking that mostly people are familiar with is perpendicular or straight in approach of parking. The straight in approach provides a flexible traffic layout as this spot can be accessed from either direction, also this straight in approach curbs the number of automobiles getting blocked in by the car parked next to it or too close to it.

Some benefits if straight in approach of parking are:

  • Allows two-way traffic
  • Provide safe out from parking
  • Vehicles could be lined up from several angles
  • Provide time efficiency.

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