Which of the following is a responsibility of each author

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Which of the following is a responsibility of each author?



The responsibility is to make his or her book nice and give something good thoughts to rader


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Answer:when x= -4, y= 2when x= 6, y =7Step-by-step explanation:We have the x values, so we can plug them in and solve. for the first …

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The derivatives require classification to determine the level. There is a Security Classification guide SCG which serves as a base for classifying a derivative.There are …

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Answer:Print EraExplanation:Abraham Lincoln was the first U.S. President to be assassinated, just at the end of the Civil War on April 1865, during the print …

When interferon from one cell attaches to a second cell

It should be noted that when interferon from one cell attaches to a second cell, virus can enter the cell but can't replicate.What is a …

What are the first 10 amendments to the constitution called

The first ten amendments to the Constitution that safeguard the rights of individuals are called the "Bill of Rights," since many Americans feared that the …

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Answer:Slavery forbidden in the Northwest Territory Slavery and involuntary servitude were forbidden in the Northwest Territory, thereby making the Ohio River a natural dividing line …

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In order for the triangle to be called an isosceles right triangle, it must satisfy both conditions: XZ and XY must be perpendicular to each …

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Her payment is 29,700 between 25,000 - 45,000.What is interest?Simple interest is calculated just on the loan's principal amount, whereas compound interest is calculated on …

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Hey! The objects look as if they would be looking up and down!! Hope it helps and mark me as brainliest!!

When electrons flow along the electron transport chains of mitochondria

When electrons flow along the electron transport chains of mitochondria, the pH of the matrix increases (Option a).Cellular respiration has three main stages: glycolysis, the …

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