The sciatic nerve divides into the tibial and __________ nerves.

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As the _______ nerve approaches the knee, it divides into two branches, the common fibular nerve and the tibial nerve.


Sciatic. Hope this helps.

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Which region would likely have the greatest amount of biodiversity

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Which two principles are the foundation of every states constitution

Popular sovereignty and limited government are the two principles that are the foundation of every State's constitution.

A man is paid $26.00 for 8 hours of work

The man working for hours should be paid .What is work ?Work is the effort applied to complete a task in specific time. We have,Man …

Name a capital letter that appears to have parallel lines

E, F, H, M, N, W, Z . I think those are a couple of them

As shown in the diagram below secants pwr and pts

By applying the Theorem of Intersecting Secant, the measure of angle WT is equal to 51°.How to determine angle m<WT?By critically observing the geometric shapes …

Which process moves small rock pieces during sedimentary rock formation

The process that moves small rock pieces during the sedimentary rock formation is erosion.The carrying away of small rock particles by the effect of wind, …

The joining of an egg and a sperm is called

The sperm fertilze the egg. And yes, the joining of an egg and sperm is called fertilization.

A puck of mass m is moving in a circle

Answer:T = 11.93 NExplanation:Newton's second law to the puck in the circular path∑F = m*a Formula (1)∑F : algebraic sum of the forces in radial …

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Animal cells each have a centrosome and lysosomes, whereas plant cells do not.Plant cells have a cell wall, chloroplasts and other specialized plastids, and a …

Accounts receivable prepaid accounts supplies and land are examples of

Answer:a. Three (3).b. Equity.c. Liability. d. Asset. e. Account. Explanation:a. Balance sheet accounts are arranged into three general categories. These are asset, liability and equity. …

Which factor would increase the food security of a community

The options for this question are : A)Having high food prices B) Having limited access to locally grown food C) being close to fast food …

One tablespoon of peanut butter has a mass of 16g

Answer: 5.794 Food Cal/g or 5796 cal/g Explanation:If we consider that we have an adiabatic system (there is no transfer heat between the system and …

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