If you suspect information has been improperly or unnecessarily classified

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If you suspect information has been improperly or unnecessarily classified, what should you do first? Select one: a. Initiate a formal challenge. b. Discuss your concerns with your security manager or supervisor. c. Declassify the information, pending review by the original classification authority.


c. Declassify the information, pending review by the original classification authority


  • If you feel that material has been classified incorrectly or unnecessarily, you should c. Declassify the information, pending review by the original classification authority. Declassification is the process of removing a protective classification, usually under the freedom of information concept. Declassification procedures differ by country.
  • A suspect is a known individual who has been accused or suspected of committing a crime.
  • When referring to the perpetrator of an act, police and media in the United States frequently use the term suspect as jargon.

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