Which country has the largest freshwater lake in central america

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Which country has the largest freshwater lake in central America & what is the name of the lake?


It is Lake Nicaragua in the country Nicaragua.

What is Lake Nicaragua?

Lake Nicaragua, Spanish Lago de Nicaragua, the biggest of a few freshwater lakes in southwestern Nicaragua and the prevailing actual component of the country.

It is additionally the biggest lake in Central America. Its native name is, and the Spanish called it Mar Dulce — the two terms signifying "sweet ocean." Its current name is said to have been gotten from that , an Indian boss whose individuals lived on the lake's shores.

It is trusted that Lake Nicaragua, along with Lake Managua toward the northwest, initially framed piece of a sea cove that, because of volcanic emission, turned into an inland bowl containing the two lakes, which are connected by the River.

The sea fish in this manner caught adjusted as the salt water steadily turned new. Lake Nicaragua is the main freshwater lake containing maritime creature life. In spite of prevalent thinking, the lake is tideless, despite the fact that there is an everyday variance in the water level brought about by east breezes exploding the San valley.

Therefore largest freshwater is Lake Nicaragua and country name is Nicaragua.

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