What is the author's purpose in writing a modest proposal

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What is the author’s purpose in writing "A Modest Proposal"? to submit a plan to solve an important societal issue to draw attention to an issue that is plaguing his country to show that only an extreme solution can fix poverty to defend those who have avoided falling into poverty



B. To draw attention to the problems that plague his country.  

Explanation :

  • The purpose of the author of "A Modest Proposal" is to draw attention to the problems that plague his country.
  • Readers will not be prepared for the surprise of Swift's solution, as much of its shocking value stems from the fact that the first part of the essay explains the plight of Irish hungry begging.
  • At the age of one, it's a very tasty, nutritious, and healthy meal, whether steamed, fried, roasted, or boiled. There is no doubt that it will be served in the same way with fricassees and simmered dishes.

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