Excess hydrogen ion is eliminated from the body largely by

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Excess hydrogen ion is eliminated from the body largely by:________

a) sweating.
b) the kidneys.
c) the liver.
d) the feces.


The excess hydrogen ion is eliminated from the body largely by the kidneys.

The kidneys remove extra H+ ions from the body and expel them in the urine when the blood gets too acidic. As a result, the blood becomes less acidic and the urine more acidic.

The proximal convoluted tubules (PCTs) and collecting tubules (CTs), which are a component of the kidney's nephrons, remove hydrogen ions. Nephrons, which are tiny organelles, filter blood plasma and turn it into the urine.

The mechanism of secretion transports H+ ions from the circulation and into the PCTs and CTs. Bicarbonate ions (HCO3-), which are lost in the urine, are reabsorbed back into the circulation at the same time that H+ ions are released.

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