Label the parts of the body. remember the definite articles.

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El cuerpo humanoFill in the blanks Activity InstructionsLabel the parts of the body. Remember the definite articles. November 21 11:59 PM unlimited attempts remaining Grade settings External referencesVocabulary list 332-335 Questions A man sits on a doctor’s exam table. There are lines numbered 1 to 8 near different parts of his body. Line 1 points to the nose. Line 2 points to a poster of a human heart hanging on the wall. Line 3 points to the neck. Line 4 points to the arm, near the Question 1 with 1 blank Question 2 with 1 blank Question 3 with 1 blank Question 4 with 1 blank Question 5 with 1 blank Question 6 with 1 blank Question 7 with 1 blank Question 8 with 1 blank



1. La nariz

2. El corazón

3. El cuello

4. El brazo


The exercise aims for you to practice human body vocabulary in Spanish, here are some other common words related to the human body:

la cabeza     the head

el ojo            the eye

la oreja         the ear

la nariz         the nose

los labios     the lips

la boca         the mouth

el diente       the tooth

la garganta   the throat

el pelo           the hair

el cuello        the neck (outside)

el hombro     the shoulder

el brazo         the arm

el codo          the elbow

la mano         the hand

el dedo         the finger

el pecho       the chest

la espalda    the back (body part)

la pierna       the leg

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