When working with sources a writer can avoid plagiarism by

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When working with sources, a writer can avoid plagiarism by:
A. not keeping records that could prove which sources he or she
B. giving credit to the authors of sources using proper citations.
C. relying on sources that do not list an author for their contents.
D. copying the exact wording used in a source rather than


When working with sources, a writer can avoid plagiarism by  giving credit to the authors of sources using proper citations. Thus, the correct option is B). Giving credit to the authors of sources using proper citations.

What are the ways to avoid the plagiarism?

A text writer can avoid plagiarism in the writing only in the case when he/she keeps the records of all the sources to which they have referenced. If the author of the source that has been used, is not stated, then it is also a plagiarism.

In order to avoid the plagiarism, writers should take care about the point that they should not just copy the facts and information from the other sources. They should not rely on those sources which are not listed an author for their contents.

They should avoid copying the exact word. Paraphrasing is the best way to avoid the plagiarism. Thus, it can be concluded that a writer can avoid plagiarism by giving credit to the authors of sources.

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