Which equipment is best to hold and to measure liquids

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Which equipment is best to hold and to measure liquids?

A. flask and graduated cylinder
B. scale and ruler
C. caliper and thermometer
D. stopwatch and beaker


Flask and graduated cylinder are the equipment that is best to hold and measure liquids, therefore the correct answer is option A.

What is the matter?

Anything which has mass and occupies spaces is known as matter, mainly there are four states of matter solid liquid gases, and plasma.

These different states of matter have different characteristics according to which they vary their volume and shape.

The liquid state is the intermediate state of the matter in which molecules are more loosely bonded than the molecules of the solid state but more close among themselves as compared to the gaseous state, the liquid is the state of matter which have a fixed volume but does not have a fixed shape it does take the shape of container on which it is kept at.

The equipment that is best to hold and measure liquids are flask and graduated cylinder, therefore the correct option is A.

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