Motherboards inc manufactures computer parts the company's total revenue is

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Motherboards, Inc., manufactures computer parts. The company’s total revenue is the money the company earns after paying all of its production costs. the total wages the company pays workers in its factories and stores. the amount of money the company earns from selling an individual part. the amount the company receives from the sale of all of its computer parts.a. the money the company earns after paying all of its production costs.

b. the total wages the company pays workers in its factories and stores.
c. the amount of money the company earns from selling an individual part.
d. the amount the company receives from the sale of all of its computer parts.



The company’s total revenue is the amount the company receives for the sale of all its computer parts (d)


The money the company earns after paying production costs is known as gross profit, not total revenue (a)

The salary that the company pays to its workers in factories and stores is considered an expense, therefore it cannot be called total revenue (b).

To know the total revenue of a company, all units sold, not just an individual part (c), must be considered, therefore the total revenue is the amount Motherboards Inc., receives for the total sale of its products (d)

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