What are the components of an effective weight training program

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What are the components of an effective weight training program?

a. conditioning, progression, generalization, overwork, balance, and recovery
b. overload, progression, specificity, regularity, recovery, balance, and variety
c. over work, coordination, motivation, conditioning, regularity, and variety
d. consistency, progression, rest, regression, balance, and specificity


Components of a weight training program

The seven basic components or principles of an exercise, weight, or sports training program are:


Overloading: The muscle strength can be increased only if its workload is increased.

Progression: Systematic gradual progression of training challenges with increments of intensity and duration.

Specificity: Exercises should be specific to each person and target the specific muscle group

Regularity: Training regimen should be followed regularly with a scheduled exercise program with regular intervals, and also regular diet, sleep, and habits.  

Recovery: Appropriate recovery period (around 48-hr) for the muscles should be given by rotation of training of different muscle groups  

Balance: Balance must be maintained to work the muscle groups of both the upper and lower body  

Variety: To make the training interesting, it should be designed utilizing a variety equipments, exercises, or methods  

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