How were slaves transported to the new world from africa

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How were slaves transported to the New World from Africa? What were conditions like on the Middle Passage? How is loose packing different from tight packing? Why did doctors examine the slaves before they were purchased in Africa? What happened once the ships arrived in the West Indies? About how many slaves were transported over the Middle Passage? What was the triangular trade?


1.Slaves were transported from Africa to the New World on a voyage that was called the Middle Passage. This route went from Africa to the West Indies to port cities in America.

2.Slaves were stuffed into ships with no room to move or breathe. They were closed below decks with minimal holes to breathe air. They were fed twice a day and dead bodies were thrown overboard.

3.Loose packing meant fewer slaves per ship and tight packing meant more slaves per ship. Those who favored loose packing hoped more slaves would arrive alive. Those who favored tight packing believed they were more profitable in transporting more slaves overall.

4.They made recommendations about which slaves would be likely to survive the passage.

5.They were cleaned and fed and sold to their final destination in America. Those that weren’t sold were left for dead.

6.It’s believed between 10 and 20 million Africans.

7.Slaves were transported from Africa to the Americas. Sugar, tobacco, and cotton were transported from America to Europe. Textiles, rum, and manufactured goods were transported from Europe to Africa.

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