Cloud storage refers to the storage of data on ______.

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Cloud storage refers to the storage of data on ______.a. your mobile device.b. your desktop computer.c. an external drive.d. a server on the Interne.


The correct answer is:

Cloud storage refers to the storage of data on a server on the internet.

Every organization relies on data, In our daily job, we all make use of a huge amount of data(either in gigabytes or terabytes). And if you have a lot of files on your computer, it's probable that your computer may lose momentum and slow down, resulting in bad performance. While there are several external storage options available for storing and backing up your data, these devices are not infallible. Any incident, such as theft, or damage, might result in the loss of vital data.

This is where Cloud Storage comes into play. Cloud storage is a handy and dependable method of storing and retrieving information on the internet.

It is a cloud computing system in which data is stored on the server-side of the Internet and is managed and operated by a cloud computing provider. 

Therefore, from the above explanation, we can conclude that the correct Option is D

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