List the functions of proteins in the text area below.

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List the functions of proteins in the text area below.


Proteins are biomolecules made up of long chains of amino acids. Proteins play a crucial role in the survival of cells, movement of tissues, and provide structural support to the body.

The functions of protein are transportation, acting as enzymes, and hormones, and making polypeptides.

The main functions of the proteins are listed below:

  • The defense system of the human body is dependent on proteins. The immunoglobins and antibodies are different types of proteins secreted by cells to protect against foreign particles.

  • Contractile proteins such as actin and myosin allow the movement of muscles.

  • Transportation of elements like oxygen in the blood is carried out by the complex protein, hemoglobin.

  • Storing the amino acids until they are required in the body.

  • Cell signaling is also carried out by proteins like membrane proteins and the hormone insulin. The proteins are released by the communication between cells.

  • The structural support for tissues and organs like nails and hairs is also given proteins. Examples include keratin and collagen.

Therefore, proteins perform several functions in the body like cell signaling, defense, storage, and movement.

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