To tell thee thou shalt see thee again at philippi

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Read the excerpt from Julius Caesar in Act IV.

Brutus: Why comest thou?
Ghost: To tell thee thou shalt see me at Philippi.
Brutus: Well, then I shall see thee again?
Ghost: Ay, at Philippi.
Brutus: (finding courage) Why, I will see thee at Philippi, then. (The Ghost glides away as Brutus calls after it.) Ill spirit, I would hold more talk with thee (But the Ghost is gone. Brutus looks around and sees Lucius sleeping. He shakes him.) Boy, Lucius. Awake! Does Didst thou see anything?
Lucius: (Sleepily) My lord? (He starts to rise.)
Brutus: Go to my brother Cassius. Bid him set on, and we will follow. (They leave quickly.)
Based on the excerpt, how does the appearance of Caesar's ghost affect Brutus?
He is terrified of the ghost and does not acknowledge it.
Brutus tries to convince Lucius the ghost is real.
He wants the opportunity to apologize to the ghost.
Brutus accepts the ghost's challenge to meet with him again.


From the excerpt that we have here, the way that the ghost affected Brutus was that: Brutus accepts the ghost's challenge to meet with him again.

What is the summary of this excerpt?

From this excerpt, after Caesar had been betrayed, his ghost visited Brutus because he wanted to see him in Phillipi.

Althouh Brutus was afraid, he still tried to act brave by making the promise to meet with the ghost at that venue.

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