After selecting the entire document what is the quickest way

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After selecting the entire document what is the quickest way to find out how many paragraphs.


After selecting the entire document, the quickest way to find out how many paragraphs in the document is:

  • First save the document
  • Go to the beginning of the document
  • Press Ctrl + H
  • In the Find What box, enter ^p.
  • In the Replace With box, enter ^p.
  • Click on Replace All.

What is Word Processor?

This refers to the computer program which is responsible for the input, edit and format of text which are used to make changes to a text.

With this in mind, the quickest way to find out the number of paragraphs in the document is to press Ctrl  + H and then enter "^p" in the Find What box and then click on Replace All.

Read more about word processing here:

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