What type of bond is joining the two hydrogen atoms

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What type of bond is joining the two hydrogen atoms? there are 2 hydrogen atoms with a pair of electrons shared between these 2 atoms. what type of bond is joining the two hydrogen atoms? there are 2 hydrogen atoms with a pair of electrons shared between these 2 atoms. covalent hydrophobic hydrophilic hydrogen ionic?


The bond joining the two hydrogen atoms is 'Covalent bond'

A covalent bond is also known as molecular bond which is a chemical bond that involves the sharing of electron pairs between atoms.

Two hydrogen atoms with a pair of electrons shared between these 2 atoms are joined by 'Covalent bond'. Bond formed by sharing of electrons will always be 'Covalent bond'.

Note : H is a non-metal and the bond between two non-metals is 'Covalent bond'

 H (non-metal) + H(non-metal) \rightarrow Covalent bond

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