Are there more doors or wheels in the world answer

Posted By Admin @ September 03, 2022


Are there more wheels or doors in the world?



I dont think there is any ways but i would say more doors


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In speciation two species interbreed to form one new species

Given what we know, we can confirm that the answer to the statement that "In speciation, two species interbreed to form one new species" is …

What are the three key features used to read chromosomes

Answer:Below:Explanation:1. Banding Pattern2. Size3. Centromere PositionHope it helps....It's Ms-Muska...

What is half of 7 5/8 on a tape measure

The half of the given mixed fraction should be 3.9375Given that, The mixed fraction should be . Based on the above information, the calculation is …

Which of the following is not a function of antibodies

All of above choices are functions of antibodies

Describe four types of packaging that prevent tampering with medicine

The four types of packaging prevent tampering with medicine are:Sealed are medicine not tamper-resistant FILM pakage. STRIP wrap. BUBBLE Wrap.HEAT SHRINK wrapper. What is tampered …

Which of the following statements about rfid is not true

Answer:They have an internal battery source.Explanation:Active RFID systems use battery-powered RFID tags that continuously broadcast their own signal. Active RFID tags are commonly used as …

A customer wants to increase the storage capacity by 25gb

The answer is "SSD-25GB", and its further calculation can be defined as follows:The current generation of computer storage devices is a hard drive (SSD).It uses …

Which use of iron is due to its chemical properties

Based on chemical properties, from the given options, the uses of iron which are due to the chemical properties of iron are:Producing colored sparks in …

Plant cell walls contain which of the following in abundance

Answer:starchExplanation:because starch is found in stoma but not in cell wall

What is one source of mineral deposits on the seafloor

Answer: D. Volcanic ventsVolcanic vents are one source of mineral deposits on the seafloor.Explanation: Volcanic vents are openings which are exposed on the earth's surface …

What does it mean when a reaction is spontaneous apex

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How should you respond to the theft of your identity

The way to respond to the theft of your identity cyber awareness is; To report the crime to the local commission which is the Federal …