The ________ is demonstrated by the attack on kitty genovese.

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The ________ is demonstrated by the attack on kitty genovese.



Bystander Effect

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Which group depended on the trade network for raw materials

Answer: A. European Business.Explanation: They depended on the raw materials brought by the American colonists to Europe to then sold the products to the inner …

A somatoform disorder is best described as an illness that...

Answer:Is physical nature and caused by psychological factorsExplanation:Somatization is simply defined as the phenotypic expression of physiological problem or distress by the means of physical …

Which most strongly drives producers in a free market economy

Answer:The correct answer is (B)Explanation:Producers are influenced by the benefits and profits they hope to pick up from the products or administrations in a free …

Someone who supports extreme changes in a society is a

Someone who suppots extreme changes in society is a Radical. This means that he believes that accepted tracitional forms need tp be modified. Radicals favour …

What type of bond holds two strands of dna together

There are two types of bonds and they are hydrogen and phosphodiester bonds

A species whose oxidation number decreases in a reaction is

A species whose oxidation number increases in a reaction is oxidized (reducing reagents or reactant).For example, balanced chemical reaction: 2KClO₃ → 2KCl + 3O₂.Oxygen in …

What is the difference between inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning

Answer: the correct amswer is D. Inductive reasoning uses a specific example to make a general conclusion. Deductive reasoning uses a general observation to make …

How many layers of phospholipids are in a cell membrane

It has two layers.Hope I could help :)

Why did the early christian face persecution from the romans

There are several reasons why early Christians face persecution from the Romans, but the main reason was that Roman leaders feared they were undermining authority.

A rational expression is undefined whenever its numerator is zero

Answer – True A rational expression is undefined whenever its denominator is zero. By definition, a rational expression is an expression that can be in …

Which of the following statements about substrate-level phosphorylation is false

Which of the following statements regarding the glycolysis pathway is FALSE?E) One molecule of ATP is expended.Glycolysis is a metabolic pathway where organisms extract their …

A rectangle is inscribed with its base on the x-axis

If the base is on the x-axis, the width of the rectangle is = xif the height is based on the parabola, the length = …

The goals of the american revolution were most influenced by

The goals of the American Revolution were most influenced by the Glorious Revolution and the Enlightenment. Hence, option B is correct.What is Glorious Revolution?The 1688–1689 …

What were the two ways early blues recordings were categorized

Rural (country) and urbanThese were the two ways that early blues recordings were categorized.

A job analysis results in two written statements they are

Answer:analysisExplanation: The analysis of jobs is that procedure in charge of establishing the obligations, competences, skills, and requirements that a certain job requires, as well …